Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rest is important to me.

hi everybody,I've tried to use every second of my time to do something which really I thought could give me a lot of advantage untill one day I realised I've forgoten to take a rest.So busy everyday with sports and school works...nvr have enough sleep every nite,I think consequently I will be having a broken engine in the end.So lucky cuz I read this book which help me to learn how to work hard and knowing the exactly time when I should stop and just put everything down,Relax and have a good sleep.First I am going to increase my weight to heavy weight category,cuz of the bad security in Malaysia,I really need to train myself up without any more reason of dragging me far from this.And one more which concern me the most,I have to put more concentration on my study too...this is the most important!
I don't look like wat the profession I am studying but I do like wat I am study,it's abit weird rite.
I am so tired now,hope everyone of my friend will have their happy moment everyday ...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let It Be

Never feel like living in the cave with full of stupid tigers,but today I have tried to figure it out when i really close to be bite by these stupid tigers.Well,I am a tiger as well but I have hide my tusk(gigi taring)for a very long time period.Now,from this moment onward,no more mercy for the stupid tigers around me which always giving me threats and trying to kill me with only biting my tail.Do you know tigers sometimes are scared too when they are not able to kill their victims in a glance?I am born with full of "hot" blood,high sensitivity,trust no strangers,but I am still weak when meeting with these stupid tigers.Why do I need to bend down to them?May be the only reason for me to bend down is the promise to my King for not making trouble in the cave.But eventually,I misunderstanding of what is the hidden meaning of "Not Making Trouble".
Actually,The King mentioned that Don make any trouble which can hurt anyone,there is an exception:when you feel somebody try to knock you down,don't ever feel the doubt of splashing the FIRE to the enemy,kill them if possible!No body can stop me!!!Seems like so brutal but try to think logically,don't you think this is the fact?It is just the fear in the bottom of your heart which never ever dare to be touched by yourself.The main priciple of socialise is Respect to ppl's ideas no matter how deep is the feeling of saying "NO WAY",without this you can't go further in your life.Don't waste your time to listen to rubbish and nonsense from those who really no worth for you to even waste a second of thinking it.To be stupid tigers attacking...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Starting looks OK

School have started,one week have past as well,the time passing so touching the corpse make myself more interested into wat i am studying now,but first of all i wan to thank God to let me pass all of my subject in the last semester.Trust me,whenever u wan to get something u need to put effort on it!no free lunch in this world.I am waiting good news of my best friend A pui ,cuz we have made a deal,for the next coming meeting,we wan to talk some brand new more left behind or struggling in the study.We wan to make our life more beautiful and meaningful.Good Luck Man!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The moment I step in China

Di saat aku menjejak ke tanah yg penuh dgn cabaran dan rentak hidup yg tidak aneh dengan kecepetannya.Aku terasa hati yg mulai "gedebak gedebuk"ketakutan ketinggalan yg begitu kuat mulai menguasai diriku yg cape sekali karena sudah berada di udara selama berapa jam.aduh jangan sekali2 kasih gw duduk ama orang typical China deh,uda berisik,ga ada class,kakinya baunya lebih busuk dari terasi(belacan),ampir pingsan gw duduk di depannya.kapal terbang lg terbang,dia terbang juga di dalam kapal terbang!!!IDIh!!!untung bagasi gw ga over weight,kalo ga makanan keasyikan gw pasti harus ditinggal.Sampe aja di sekolah,mulai terasa takut utk ketemu senior yg "Bangsat"!!"Sialan"!! males gw ladenin,pasti satu hari nanti kalo ada siapa yg injek kepala gw,hati2 aja ya dgn sifat gw yg begitu panas skrng.hari pertama,breakfast aja difikir2,ga tau mau makan apa,bukannya ga ada makana tp makanan paginya ga enak!!!CHAR KUEY tempat gw aja lebih enak seribu kali ganda.Tahan2 sampe siang,akhirnya makan jg nasi yg asin banget sampe enek gw!!!kebesokan hari harus daftar that means today,gw late lg ke kelas utk daftar...dateng lg 9 orang taiwan dr main campus.bosen deh gw kalo liat muka mereka,pengen aja HANTAM TRUS!@! kamar gw uda kecil harus sharing,kaya "sarang burung"aja!!guru gw bakalnya pasti ditegur gw nanti gw coba akalin....trus ke company temen gw hari ini yg baru buka,hoohooo good place for me to learn something new!!!nice nice haha.....
A pui,kalo ga ngerti apa yg gw tulis tanya aja ya!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aduh!uda mau pulang ke medan perang!

once again preparing to go for the true fight,since the day i came back to my hometown from where i grew up and spending most of my time,i have already rest for very long the day of going back to continue instilling myself and learn as much as i could in a really really competitive city.i have already met all my good friends and my family,from this holiday,i've learn much experience from friends,family and public....really so different from last time when i was plunged out of my track cuz of my childishness and playing the fool.Nw new chance coming out with the bless of the God,i am going to embrace this opportunity to boost to the end till the level i always dreaming on.actually,not many friends really care about what happening among their friends and this is the fact i saw and feel so dissapointed.but don worry,i think this is normal as we are named human.anyway i should not stop at this sad story too long cuz my new life started and i am going to face the real problem in my life.The social will not pity the ppl who choose to be isolated from success and therefor i will not stop at this door which only lead me to hell.Hariz a friend of mine going to CZrepublic,donnot wat to say cuz he is really a nice person hope we will have the time to chat in the irish pub.i am wandering and thinking wat i wan actually in mylife,love?family?money?....nw this is the suitable time to make this decision,actually i wan all to be balanced and ME!!! lack one of that lead to "Tsunami"!!!
2 more days leaving from pearl island,my sweet and lovely home,my penang foods ..(cendol,char koay teow,pasembur,seafood....)so sad :-( 5-7 meals aday going to be less and the problem is i am going to leave my best friend A Pui in choice cuz everyone have their own destination,their methods of living,by coming back twice a year consider lucky if compared to them who studying in Russia,india,ukraine....i know i am luck to have this kind of life but when thinking of my comes the tears !!i really hate this!!!i knw i am strong most of the time but sometimes i wish i can step into social as soon as possible,bt i know this will not happen so soon..sigh...i have this chance to enhance my knowledge,train myself to be stronger person either mentally or physically,i will not wasting my time of doing all the foolish things.A Pui!!start ur new engine now and i know you will be success!!!stop doubting ur ability although u always seem strong in front of everybody,may be wat i feel is rite,this exam is ur lesson and there will be no second one.Love ur job,wat u study,no matter wat u have now,the most important is love urself first.i am packing all my stuff rite now,choosing the important stuff which can help me to remind myself when ever i am out from track.Aku bakal pulang ke tempat Ku dilahirkan laen usah takut untuk menempuh segalanya sekiranya tujuan hidup sudah ditentukan.jangan sampe dipengaruh orang laen yg selalu berasa cemburu atau suka mengejek-ejek.dimana aja gue berada,hatiku tetap berasal dari dunia yg begitu indah terbina dari indomalay...susah utk dibanyangkan masa depanku,hanya tuhan dan kemahuan yg aku pegang sekarang akan menentukan segalanya.sampe disini aja ya...uda basah muka gue nih...
for my friend Lara happy birthday and selamat jalan ya!!!
A pui ready to boost???let's turn on our system and just move on to our destiny!!!
see ya everybody

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

daily life

sleeping the whole evening do making me more refreshing and recharged...but i have alot of thing not satisfied with the public transport especially taxi in penang and KL,haiya this problem make all the tourist run away...stupid taxi driver nvr use meter!!!
why the tv show all so boring and the movie especially made in malaysia donno wat the hell they acting!!!sudahlah tak ada yang cantik dan handsome,cerita sudah macam anak kecil.....tak tau nak cakap apa lagi... when i listen to the news,everyone wan extra bonus every year,kerja kurang ,gaji mau naik,2 days off in a week!!!they really think malaysia already jadi negara majukah? how to boost up the country like this?permintaan banyak sangat,pengorbanan kalau boleh dijimatkan,menteri besar pulau pinang pula disuruh bergilir-gilir...apa yang tak kena nih?aiyo....everybody kalau ada komen,jangan malu malu ya,tolong bagi sikit idea...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

First time writing a blog

haha...this is the first time i write something of my life in the blog...HEY “A PUI” you need to stop making sad story here...haha... if not i won't read ur blogs! may be is the day i stay at home doing nothing listening to new indo songs which i bought in indonesia 2 weeks ago!!COOL YOU KNOW!!! it sometimes make myself back to track,but sayang sekali i need to stay in malaysia most of my time,don worry penang still the best!!!hahaha...
today,dammm hot the weather,feel so tired sometimes when sitting under the fan...donno wat to say....haiya....tata