Wednesday, August 23, 2006

daily life

sleeping the whole evening do making me more refreshing and recharged...but i have alot of thing not satisfied with the public transport especially taxi in penang and KL,haiya this problem make all the tourist run away...stupid taxi driver nvr use meter!!!
why the tv show all so boring and the movie especially made in malaysia donno wat the hell they acting!!!sudahlah tak ada yang cantik dan handsome,cerita sudah macam anak kecil.....tak tau nak cakap apa lagi... when i listen to the news,everyone wan extra bonus every year,kerja kurang ,gaji mau naik,2 days off in a week!!!they really think malaysia already jadi negara majukah? how to boost up the country like this?permintaan banyak sangat,pengorbanan kalau boleh dijimatkan,menteri besar pulau pinang pula disuruh bergilir-gilir...apa yang tak kena nih?aiyo....everybody kalau ada komen,jangan malu malu ya,tolong bagi sikit idea...


Blogger MAVERICK ! said...

stupid people want to make penang control by other races so this is stupic caus majority in penang is chinese so nothing is wrong with him. yang gaji itu cause malaysian don know how to spend money effectively that is why money always not enuf.

3:52 AM  

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