Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aduh!uda mau pulang ke medan perang!

once again preparing to go for the true fight,since the day i came back to my hometown from where i grew up and spending most of my time,i have already rest for very long the day of going back to continue instilling myself and learn as much as i could in a really really competitive city.i have already met all my good friends and my family,from this holiday,i've learn much experience from friends,family and public....really so different from last time when i was plunged out of my track cuz of my childishness and playing the fool.Nw new chance coming out with the bless of the God,i am going to embrace this opportunity to boost to the end till the level i always dreaming on.actually,not many friends really care about what happening among their friends and this is the fact i saw and feel so dissapointed.but don worry,i think this is normal as we are named human.anyway i should not stop at this sad story too long cuz my new life started and i am going to face the real problem in my life.The social will not pity the ppl who choose to be isolated from success and therefor i will not stop at this door which only lead me to hell.Hariz a friend of mine going to CZrepublic,donnot wat to say cuz he is really a nice person hope we will have the time to chat in the irish pub.i am wandering and thinking wat i wan actually in mylife,love?family?money?....nw this is the suitable time to make this decision,actually i wan all to be balanced and ME!!! lack one of that lead to "Tsunami"!!!
2 more days leaving from pearl island,my sweet and lovely home,my penang foods ..(cendol,char koay teow,pasembur,seafood....)so sad :-( 5-7 meals aday going to be less and the problem is i am going to leave my best friend A Pui in choice cuz everyone have their own destination,their methods of living,by coming back twice a year consider lucky if compared to them who studying in Russia,india,ukraine....i know i am luck to have this kind of life but when thinking of my comes the tears !!i really hate this!!!i knw i am strong most of the time but sometimes i wish i can step into social as soon as possible,bt i know this will not happen so soon..sigh...i have this chance to enhance my knowledge,train myself to be stronger person either mentally or physically,i will not wasting my time of doing all the foolish things.A Pui!!start ur new engine now and i know you will be success!!!stop doubting ur ability although u always seem strong in front of everybody,may be wat i feel is rite,this exam is ur lesson and there will be no second one.Love ur job,wat u study,no matter wat u have now,the most important is love urself first.i am packing all my stuff rite now,choosing the important stuff which can help me to remind myself when ever i am out from track.Aku bakal pulang ke tempat Ku dilahirkan laen usah takut untuk menempuh segalanya sekiranya tujuan hidup sudah ditentukan.jangan sampe dipengaruh orang laen yg selalu berasa cemburu atau suka mengejek-ejek.dimana aja gue berada,hatiku tetap berasal dari dunia yg begitu indah terbina dari indomalay...susah utk dibanyangkan masa depanku,hanya tuhan dan kemahuan yg aku pegang sekarang akan menentukan segalanya.sampe disini aja ya...uda basah muka gue nih...
for my friend Lara happy birthday and selamat jalan ya!!!
A pui ready to boost???let's turn on our system and just move on to our destiny!!!
see ya everybody


Blogger the milk maid said...

ehhh makasi ya. u write in bahasa indonesia more often dunk, i wish i had your talent!

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