Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let It Be

Never feel like living in the cave with full of stupid tigers,but today I have tried to figure it out when i really close to be bite by these stupid tigers.Well,I am a tiger as well but I have hide my tusk(gigi taring)for a very long time period.Now,from this moment onward,no more mercy for the stupid tigers around me which always giving me threats and trying to kill me with only biting my tail.Do you know tigers sometimes are scared too when they are not able to kill their victims in a glance?I am born with full of "hot" blood,high sensitivity,trust no strangers,but I am still weak when meeting with these stupid tigers.Why do I need to bend down to them?May be the only reason for me to bend down is the promise to my King for not making trouble in the cave.But eventually,I misunderstanding of what is the hidden meaning of "Not Making Trouble".
Actually,The King mentioned that Don make any trouble which can hurt anyone,there is an exception:when you feel somebody try to knock you down,don't ever feel the doubt of splashing the FIRE to the enemy,kill them if possible!No body can stop me!!!Seems like so brutal but try to think logically,don't you think this is the fact?It is just the fear in the bottom of your heart which never ever dare to be touched by yourself.The main priciple of socialise is Respect to ppl's ideas no matter how deep is the feeling of saying "NO WAY",without this you can't go further in your life.Don't waste your time to listen to rubbish and nonsense from those who really no worth for you to even waste a second of thinking it.To be continue......now stupid tigers attacking...


Blogger MAVERICK ! said...

i think now our ear have to put filter only think those things that need to be think, not everything we heard.
so hey man get urself immune from any rumours or negative ideas,
we cannot control everyone's saying.
nike: "just do it"

2:26 AM  

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