Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rest is important to me.

hi everybody,I've tried to use every second of my time to do something which really I thought could give me a lot of advantage untill one day I realised I've forgoten to take a rest.So busy everyday with sports and school works...nvr have enough sleep every nite,I think consequently I will be having a broken engine in the end.So lucky cuz I read this book which help me to learn how to work hard and knowing the exactly time when I should stop and just put everything down,Relax and have a good sleep.First I am going to increase my weight to heavy weight category,cuz of the bad security in Malaysia,I really need to train myself up without any more reason of dragging me far from this.And one more which concern me the most,I have to put more concentration on my study too...this is the most important!
I don't look like wat the profession I am studying but I do like wat I am study,it's abit weird rite.
I am so tired now,hope everyone of my friend will have their happy moment everyday ...


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